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Gender is on the agenda - a social-artistic event about gender
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"Gender is on the agenda" is a social-artistic event about gender that consists of various performances and a panel-talk with the artists.

The project is unique mainly because of the artistic diversity with which we relate to gender. Anyone who arrives at this evening will have an experience that is both sensory and intellectual. We believe that when a human encounter is primarily based on a sensory and emotional experience, then a more productive, sincere and tolerant discourse is possible. The human encounter becomes more meaningful and has more potential for creating understanding, empathy and free thought.


The first event took place on November 2018 as part of Hanadiv Festival in Pardes Hanna-Karkur. It presented the work of the photographer Ora Cohen "The Beautiful Butch Project", a screening of one episode of the important documentary series "Spectrums", a dance-performance "Le Boudoir" by Adi Shildan, a singing-performance by Miki Shomroni and the singer Hagar Samir and her accompanying guitar player Yaron Mitelman. Miki Shomroni also led the panel talk with the artists and the audience.

You can invite us to your city, village, school and home to create a unique social-artistic gathering about the interesting subject of gender.

Please contact through the website.

PhotographyAyelet Sich El

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