Upcoming performances:

Past Performances:

'Le Boudoir' by Adi Shildan

22/11/18, "Gender is on the Agenda" - an artistic evening about Gender which includes the performance Le Boudoir, an episode from the doco-series Spectrums and a conversation with the audience, "Dereh Hanadiv" Festival, Pardes Hanna, Israel

25/9/18, "Under the Lights" festival, Givat Haviva, Israel

4-5/7/18 - "Karov Meod" festival, down town Haifa, Israel

19/12/17, Cuckoo's Nest Gallery, Jaffa, Israel

24-25/9/17, Kelim Dance Center, Bat-Yam, Israel, a shared evening with Gilad Yerushalmi & Nurit Dreamer

2-3/8/17, Hansen House, Jerusalem, Dance Arena Festival (Zirat Machol), Premiere

'The Restlessness of Winged Creatures' by Nir Vidan and Adi Shildan

8/6/18, Berlin Diagonale – Show Camp 2018, during the Berlin Performing Arts Festival, Berlin

24/5/18, Acco Theater, in a shared evening with Ran Ben-Dror

26/4/1, Tena Studio, Ein Shemer

17/2/18, Kelim Dance Center, Bat Yam

11/1/18, Factory#4, Haifa Art Museum, Haifa

3/12/17, Jerusalem International Dance Week, Machol Shalem, Jerusalem

31/3-1/4/17, Inbal Theater, Tel-Aviv, in a shared event with Tami Leibovich

3-4/3/17, DOCK11, Berlin, in a shared evening with Tabea Magyar and Kasia Wolinska

4/11/16DANCE IN RESPONSE Festival, Kleiner Michel, Hamburg, Germany premiere

16-17/8/16'Kelim' Center, Bat-Yam, in a shared evening with Uri Shafir, Keren Ben Eltabet & Avner Miryam Amit

12-13/7/16'DANCE ARENA' Festival, Mazia House, Jerusalem, Premiere

Dance&Music in the Gallery by Uri Bitan and Adi Shildan

2/12/18, Gan Shmuel Gallery, Inspired by the exhibition "Im Ha'Panim Elay" by the artist Yoram Afek

27/9/18 + 13/10/18, The Israeli Art Gallery, Library and Memorial Center in Kiryat Tivon, inspired by the exhibition "Mi Mekir et Ha'ish sh'bakir" by the artists Dror Oslander, Ami Wallach and Irmi Adani. Curator: Michal Saknai.

'Confession' performance

28/5/18Play/Ground exhibition opening night, Cuckoo's Nest gallery, Jaffa, Premiere

'Inside Out' by Isabelle Schad

16-19/8/18, KINDL museum, Berlin, Germany, Premiere

'Pieces and Elements' by Isabelle Schad

12-13/5/17, Pact Zollverein, Essen, Germany

25-28/11/16HAU Theater, Berlin, Germany, Premiere

'Observation Room' by Galit Criden

31/10/17, International Performance Conference 0:6, Jerusalem, YMCA, Israel, Premiere

'Tanha' by Aharona Israel

21/1/17, 'Kelim' Center, Bat-Yam, in a shared evening with Avigail Rubin

11/2/17, 'HaTeiva' theater, Jaffa, in a shared evening with Avigail Rubin

2/7/16, 'Gabirol' Gallery, Tel-Aviv