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Dance&Music in the Gallery

Photo: Aviv Paras

Inspired by the work of Dror Oslander

Inspired by the work of Dror Oslander


Inspired by the work of Dror Oslander

צילום: יורם אפק

Dance&Music in the Gallery is an initiative of Uri Bitan and Adi Shildan, long time friends which create unique performances inspired by exhibitions for children aged 4+ and their parents and grandparents.

Each performance is created especially for a certain exhibition and is our expression / reaction / inspiration from the works in the exhibition. We sing, dance, play and spared some magic around in purpose to create a space in which both children and adults can experience the art through their senses and imagination in a meaningful way.

You are welcome to invite us to create a unique performance to your art galley or museum. Please contact us for further information through the Contact page.

Dance: Adi Shildan

Music: Uri Bitan

Gan Shmuel Gallery, Inspired by the exhibition "Im Ha'Panim Elay" by the artist Yoram Afek. December 2018.

The Israeli Art Gallery, Library and Memorial Center in Kiryat Tivon, inspired by the exhibition "Mi Mekir et Ha'ish sh'bakir" by the artists Dror Oslander, Ami Wallach and Irmi Adani. Curator: Michal Saknai. September-October 2018.

Inspired by the work of Yoram Afek

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