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Guests (2015)

"Want to be moved today" - this saying stands in the center of "Guests".

The group is questioning the role of the guest and the host in the city. The guest who is searching in his reserved manner for the beauty, the special and the common. In addition, SuperYoutour is dealing with the role of the "Returner", the guest who used to be a local. "Returning home" carries a sense of romance. What happens when one doesn't feel a thing? Bringing past and present together on the search of nostalgia.

SuperYoutour is using the city as a color palate to understand its temperatures.

While doing so, they are following three different strategies:

- Observing the city as a memory field, possessed by voices, pictures and wishes

- Focusing on the urban overlapping, colliding sounds and the growing coincidental visual transformations of the surroundings

- Reflecting their presence in the city - seeing the city as a stage, strolling through it as pedestrians/performers


Together they are on the search for traces of the romance of returning, leaving and telling a story.


A site specific Israel-Germany co-production by SuperYoutour

Premiere: September 2015, Avraham Shapira house, Petah-Tikva, Israel

Concept: SuperYoutour - Liron Dinovich, Martina Lebert & Konrad Behr

Choreography: Liron Dinovich

Dance: Adi Shildan, Omer Uziel & Liron Dinovich

Gymnastic: Noa Kadosh

Stage design & Costumes: Martina Lebert

Dramaturgy: Valentine Schmel

Video, photography & Sound design: Konrad Behr

Project manager (city of Petah-Tikva): Nili Hai

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