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Inter-being (2016)
שרון גלויה.jpg

A Video-art inspired by the writings of Martin Buber.

Presented at BORDERS exhibition 'BODIES+CITIES', Palazzo Ca' Zanardi and Venice Art House Gallery, Venice, Italy; Architecture and Design Festival, BAU, Rome, Italy (July-August 2016).

Concept: Sharon Assa-Hilleli & Binyamin Shemesh

Choreography: Sharon Assa-Hilleli

Video: Binyamin Shemesh

Music: Yoav Ilan - Intimate Perludes for Piano

Performers: Shahaf Elmaliach, Yuval Goldstein, Keren Hofman, Nir Vidan, Adi Shildan, Phillip Smith and Sharon Assa-Hilleli

Graphic Design: Esti Imberman

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