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Re-learning movement functions of the body

for an optimized alignment

Ilan Lev Therapy Method is a one-on-one hands-on movement therapy which is based on your natural movement: gravity, your weight & physiology, your ability for playfulness, etc. When coming to a session all you need to do is relax! 

You do not need to initiate any movement yourself, this is part of the idea. You will be moved to give your body an opportunity to unconsciously listen, observe, learn from its own knowledge, thereby changing unneeded patterns & habits.

Photography by Anat Hermony

Leting go of old habits that no longer serve you

​Ilan Lev Therapy offers a holistic approach to treating a whole range of ailments - from motor skill dysfunction, mental limitations and physical disabilities. This method leads to improved body circulation, pain relief and efficient skeletal and joint functions.

Discovering the body's intelligence

For more information about the method, Ilan Lev, video demos, press & media and more visit the Ilan Lev method official website.

I have graduated course no. 7 (2013) and had been working as a therapist since then.

To scheduled a treatment or just to ask questions feel free to contact me.

Adi Shildan

Graduate of course 7 (2013)

Working in Pardes Hanna, Yoqne'am Moshava & Berlin

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