An Apartment with a Window (2012)

A dance-theater piece.

Eve is a 75 years old woman dealing with Alzheimer disease, which receives help from Tanya, a foreign worker.

Nehama, Eve's daughter, is a bereaved mother who lost her daughter, Sara, in mysterious circumstances.The meeting between these women contains love, hatred and jealousy, and with time, it generates a cycle of contagious madness and identity vagueness.

Premiere: 2012, 'The Woman" festival, Holon, Israel


Written & Directed by: Gefen Shoval

Choreography: Adi Shildan

Dance: Julia Dibak

Actresses: Shifra Milshtein, Tamar Stein & Tamar Jouval-Aldema

Stage design & Costumes: Daphna Yeminy

Original music: Neta Vadmani

Photography: Eyal Davidovitch