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Heritage of Harmonica (2014)

In this group piece, we investigate and reconstruct images that emerge from the work of Naomi Polani, which directed and choreographed, by using Eshkol-Wachman movement notation, the military bands and "Ha'Tarnegolim" band (The Chickens) during the first two decades of the new Israeli country.

Alongside the movement research, we observed the ideas and the spirit of the period and explored whether it arouses in us nostalgia, longing or criticism.


Premiere: July 2014, the Kibbutzim College for Education, Tel-Aviv, Israel

Choreographer: Nir Vidan

Co-Choreographer: Adi Shildan

Performers: Adi Shildan/Laura Kirshinbaum, Keren Hofman, Shir Brandes, Yonatan Ron & Nir Vidan

Sound Adviser: Nadav Barnea

Photography: Oren Mansura


Produced with the support of Inter-University Centre for Dance Berlin (HZT) and the Kibbutzim College for Education.

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